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Our Professionals

One of the most frequent concerns for clients is a fear that they will hire a senior consultant but the work would be done by a junior person who was just learning. At Inforsec Solutions Inc., our experienced professionals carry out the job.

What we bring to the client is expert knowledge and opinion. We are experienced in quickly evaluating problems. We understand business needs and focus on practical solutions that will enable the business to achieve its business objectives.

This means significant savings in time on the job and the many advantages of having a 5 minute conversation with an expert in the hallway or, at the end of a telephone line, with knowledgeable opinions or advice.

We only work with individuals who have a track record and have been there and "done it". We've built and managed the functions we are called upon by clients to assist them with. We know what's necessary and the pitfalls in accomplishing it.

Inforsec Solutions Inc. was formed to facilitate STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS with professionals or experts who have complementary, practical, hands-on experience and who are results oriented. Previous contracts have involved experts in:

  • internal audit
  • network architecture
  • security architecture
  • disaster recovery planning
  • card security (magnetic stripe & integrated circuit cards - smart cards)
  • incident handling
  • interim systems & network management
  • due diligence

We are members of professional organizations and subscribe to a code of ethics (available on request) and a common body of knowledge.

All Inforsec Solutions Inc. Associates also share their knowledge and expertise with the IT community as speakers and presenters at training sessions, industry and professional conferences, colleges and universities.

All professionals or experts for any specific contract will be advised to the client at the time of negotiation of the contract.

Mike Ramsay

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Last updated  February 11, 2007
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